ads is a website that gives you money when you create a link to a lot of people visiting. is a url shortening site. so my friend will be paid by way of abbreviating the url. pay us because they only distribute money from advertisers whose ads will appear just before our original URL appears. So just like ziddu they also get revenue from advertisers who advertise.
earn money!
How it works shorten links and also to hide the original link, if we use our Adf.Ly will be paid once someone clicks on the link us. We can reap the benefits by simply changing web links, blog, download link, and others. 

How to Use to make money flowing into your account
• copy the link will be shortened.
• then paste it into the box and click shrink
• Then we get a short link replacement link you paste that had earlier,
• Copy the link in your post

How it works and tips tricks Maximize earnings
There are 3 ways to earn money from The first is the most common way, ie, by spreading the links that have been shortened using Confused? So here, after creating an account buddy, buddy had to shorten links that are sought (such as download links mp3, movies, software, etc.) on the site pal account. Then my friend had to deploy short link buddy get from shortening before (could dipostingan blog (very recomended) if the many visitors to the blog buddy, can on the forums, facebook, twitter, etc). Well, if someone clicks on the link, then my friend will get the money. Not much indeed if only a few people who click on it, but if the dude diligently definitely be a very good outcome.

The second way is from the Pop Ads (dong know what it must pop ads? Because I will not explain again here). For this way, buddy do not have to share any links, simply enter the script buddy (buddy who can get on the Tools tab> Pop Ads) into the Sobat blog and focus on developing a blog buddy. The more visitors the blog You, will be the more purse money that can be generated.

Thirdly, we can also earn money from referrals. That is, each member who sign up through us, and they get the money, then we will get the money as well by 20% of her income. For example, the Love register through my referral link, then he is making money of $ 20 in one month, now I am getting an award means of for $ 4 on my success recruiting the Love. Si Love will not lose money, because the money that I earned a bonus of

Method of payment
How ya I could get a money in an instant? and when do I get paid? will send your produce when it reaches a threshold of $ 5 every month through PayPal online savings book or Alertpay / Payza. If you have not got an account how?
saving wrote first, (ie saving money from we can accumulate income first, though not yet have an account payment. if it is get together a lot, just deh we melt, hehe

How to Sign In Adf.Ly

1 Click Here to visit the site  
2 Click Join Now
3 Fill out all the required form (name, email, password, check the I agree to ...)
4 Then click the Submit button
5. After that open your email, and click on the verification link provided by
6. please log in, enter your email and password
7 Start shorten URLs and earn money

How much can we get?

It all depends on the number of people who click on your link.
the more links that you click the more you earn from

This article I have collected from various sources are attached, may be useful and got a blessing for you all, thank you


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