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What is
Our revenue share program is designed to pay anyone purchasing banner and text impressions from Our long-term/sustainable project plan will make your success. Join us and consider it as the best decision you will ever make.

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Profits or money you get if you join
This advantage for the standard account if you upgrade you can get more money
  • Getting the money up to $ 0.08448 every day or 2.5344 every month of  one revenue share
  • Earn money $ 0.101 per one  referral every month, what if you have 20, 50, or 100  referrals, you can calculate yourself how much money you get,
How does it work?
  •  Join and you will get a bonus $ 5
  • Bonus $ 5 you receive, buy shares pack
  • After you buy a share pack, you will earn money forever
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You do not need to click every day, that you do is pull the money if it reaches the minimum payout and seek referrals as much as possible if you want to earn more money!


  • Sign up  bonus of $5 plus 5,000 banner ad credits and 5,000 text ad credits.

PTC Regulation
PTC rules do not forget to check yes, FAQ, TOS, and payout policies, to more clearly click here, and among payout policies for account:
  • Days registered for payout                         0 days
  • The minimum payout is                              $ 3
  • Maximum payout per request                    $ 0
  • Maximum total payout (fixed)                    0
  • Maximum total payout (percentage)           0
  • Interval between payouts                           0 days
  • Payout method                                           Instantly
Payment processors and minimum withdrawal of money, if you do not have, click, and as follows:
  • Perfect Money minimum $ 3
  • Payza      minimum $ 3
  • STP        minimum $ 3
  • Egopay    minimum $ 3
  • Payeer    minimum $ 3
Reputation, whether these sites pay , the track record of the site owners, and others, you can check below, type in the web address, as follows:

Thank you for reading this article and join a referral me, and I say thank you also for referencing this article, may the almighty makes success and livelihoods with us all,

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