Having a website and not having potential visitors doesn’t make you great businessman anyway. If your website is not catching the attraction and not making the business, there are some real problems which need to be looked into with extreme seriousness. One of the many problems is that you have not done good SEO. Making your website attractive and worthy requires plenty of lateral thinking in terms of SEO. It also requires serious thought on other collateral issues. Worthiness of your website is based on several aspects, such as the layout design and structure, the target market, target language and target audience altogether.

A worthy website is the one which looks professional, responsive and all the more make browsing easy. Today, there are several tools which will ensure productivity and worthiness of your website and place your business in the top notch position and all the more beat the competition. These tools will help in attracting prospective buyers to your websites, who are likely to stay for more time than just few seconds. Listed below are 4 coolest ways that will help in adding reliability factor to your business:

• Make your website’s navigation simple. Who would like to go whirling around and finally faint? Just nobody! If your website is simple and stress free to navigate, more number of prospective visitors will like to make the visit to buy the products. It is also necessary that you add contact information in every page of your website. If that is not possible, you can also think of adding the link to the contact information. Keep in your mind that visitors visiting your website have only 15-20 seconds to afford. If they get what they actually want, it is good for them as well as you, or else it would turn out to be a bad day for your business.

• The layout design should be symmetrical and consistent. It would allow the visitors to get the idea that they are in the same website. Different pages with different types of website designs will tend to confuse visitors, and quite obviously, confused visitors will not register any sales whatsoever.

• Use only relevant pictures which make real sense and exemplify the products that you are selling. Misuse of pictures and all the more using irrelevant pictures would create a mess all around, and for no good.

• Keep the look and feel of your website simple and strategic. Simple website powered by strategic alignment of graphic elements will always create attraction for the users.


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