how to create a free blog for beginners with detailed guidance on dedicate to you who do not know how in , Do you know of today is a lot of bloggers who use blogs to scoop Dollar and Euro , I want to share the internet explore record results from various sourcesway as the sequence below , follow any order ,1 . Please visit http://www.blogger.com2 . Then look at the bottom right , change the language , the corresponding language you use , eg into Indonesian 
3 . Login using your username and password to your gmail ( email account you may also log into blogger ) , or if you have not got a LIST first at 

4 . Fill out the attached form and your data such as :Display name : fill in the name that will appear on your blog profile .Sex : select your gender , for example : Male .Admission Requirements : Checklist as a sign that you agree with the rules have been set by the blogger . Should first read the terms and conditions given by the blogger that you understand .5 . Click the arrow labeled " Continue " . Then click " New Blog " 

6 . Then fill out your blog on the form provided as :Title : Fill in the title of the blog that you want,Address : fill in the desired blog address .This part is very important , because the name of your blog will become your brandNote :
1 . Order for your blog easily indexed by search engines ( search engine ) , then it would be good if you create a similarity between the address and the name of your blog !2 . 's Name / address of your blog that is easy to remember and in search of people3 . Domain name not be too long4 . The address later "Template : Select the template ( see blog ) that you liked 


7 . Continue to click on the " Create a blog " .8 . Till this stage your blog has been created , but to avoid the perception of spam by google you should start making the article , at least 1 post . To make the post / article follow this blog tutorial below .Note : The contents of what I can Postings , eg if there is no idea , this article may copy and paste , which is important to include a link in the source
I note this may be useful for you and get the blessings of the almighty giver of knowledge , thanksthe source of the article ;


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